Foss Home & Village        ( $40M )

Seattle, Washington

2 years of project management and Owner representation

Provided the pre-construction Owner representation and design team leadership in developing the design of a major addition and renovation to the existing nursing home facility.  Project includes replacement of aging patient rooms, demolition and replacement of an existing church, two-story underground parking structure and four-story senior apartment building with all ancillary facilities including landscaping, paring, dining and conveyance systems.  Coordination effort of architect, engineers, Owners and contractor to meet City of Seattle requirements for design board criteria, zoning criteria and master use planning.  Contacted and negotiated with neighboring homeowners to prevent, minimize and mitigate impacts due to traffic, light and shadow, view and nose.  Initiated contact and negotiations with other neighboring owners for purchase of properties by Foss Home.    

  • Operations management coordination
  • Design review and process coordination
  • Budgeting / cost control
  • Value engineering
  • Constructability review
  • Pre-construction services coordination
  • Architect, engineering and contractor coordination
  • Feasibility study reviews
  • Site evaluation impact reviews
  • Plan and specification reviews
  • Street vacation reviews
  • DOH review coordination
  • Abatement survey coordination


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